Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clear Water Commercial

This was a commercial for Clear Water about their 7 years of activity.

The simulations of fluids that you will see in video, they all done in Softimage with ICE, such as Water Fluids, Rigid Bodies, Morphings...

I rendered all this stuff in Mental Ray and composed in Fusion.

There is a video and little making of screens available.
Morphing targets in Softimage and ICE Tree.

Compositing workflow in Fusion.

Creating texts with particles with ICE.

Rendering more then 20 Passes in Softimage.

Workflow in Fusion.

© Sosoyan @ Triada Studio


  1. рендер мне понравился... а в анимации камера немножечко лажает, но это всё фигня, как мне всё это надоело, о Боже...