Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Water Filling Glass Test

The software I used for this test is the RealFlow for water fluid simulation and Softimage ICE particles to add bubbles in the water. 

Rendering done with Arnold beta.  

RealFlow Screenshot
Softimage ICE Screenshot


  1. It is a very clever way using bitmap type emitter but i saw that you matched the exact scale instead of increasing force deamons so by that way you increased the resolution much high. i am just wondering your substeps at this situation? Again i liked the simulation very much ;)

  2. Yes I worked in RWS, you mean it's not an optimal way? pls explain? I simulated and rendered with 50fps, then in post - speed up twice with MB, to get less mesh flickering.
    AFAIK substeps was 1:166...

  3. In every training videos or tutorials they are telling that if your object scale is too small it is so hard to simulate so they tell keep your scale normal but in real flow increase your force multipliers. If you send object from xsi it becomes 10 times bigger in realflow and if you scale it in realflow it becomes very small to handle the values.

    I thought you put mb in arnold but it look s very good.

    cheers. :)

  4. But fluid will obviously behave different when you simulate in big scale with increased daemons, or not?

  5. yes it becomes harder to catch the right value, however yours is so fine i am just curious now about all trainings i saw.

  6. Sosoyan this is great, could you tell me the specifications for your machine? I'd be very grateful.....Cheers