Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Naiad with Arnold Pipeline Tests

Wanna share some results of intense testing Exotic Matter's Naiad with Solid Angle's Arnold renderer pipeline for simulating and rendering realistic fluids.

As you know Naiad can export generated particles and meshes into Arnold Scene files which can be rendered later procedurally. I used this method cause Naiad's Softiamge buddy is still in dev stage...

This first was one of the last tests I did with Naiad.
The killer whale animation done by Eduard, big thanks to him.
I used Naiad's flip solover, to generate more then 25 million particles, splashes and foam then fed it to NOT (Naiad's Ocean Toolkit) to get dramatic ocean effect.
For lighting I used Arnold's skydome light (IBL) which is extremely great for cinematic lighting stuff.

The second is the simple test of viscous fluid like a chocolate pouring on my previous created fruits turntable, and wanna check that Naiad's fluids have a very stable behavior in high viscous simulations.

And the last is an early test with killer whale jumping done with the same technic like the first one.